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Sample6's Mission

Our mission is to bring food safety into the 21st century. We do this through two complementary approaches: Firstly, we aim to be the central hub for all food safety-­related data and value­-added analytics; secondly, we aim to establish the world’s fastest pathogen testing method for both on-­ and off-­site use.

These tools shift food safety from reaction to prevention.

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John Soules Food
Milk Specialties
Hilmar Cheese Company
Joseph Gallo Farms

Our Passion

We strive to convert data into action for every stakeholder in the food industry, world­wide.

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Together, we can make food safer.

Our Founders

Sample6’s core technology was originally developed and conceived in Dr. James Collins’ lab at Boston University. Tim Lu, Michael Koeris and Tanguy Chau, who were then Ph.D. students at BU and MIT, first founded the Company in March 2009 under the name Novophage Therapeutics, Inc. Through a number of successes in business plan competitions, Lu, Koeris and Chau jointly developed and explored a variety of applications for the technology, including using bacteriophages as a therapeutic treatment for bacterial infections.

From these early seeds eventually grew what is now Sample6.

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