CONTROL Basic: Collecting on the Fly

By: Shana Cooper on February 10th, 2016

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CONTROL Basic: Collecting on the Fly

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We built Sample6 CONTROL Basic because the work of environmental testing doesn't happen behind a desk and so you need tools that can tackle the challenge of food safety with you in every nook and cranny of your plant. You also need tools that let you plan but also adapt to the reality of unplanned events. We are always working to meet this goal and this week we have a few exciting updates to share: 

Planning: Creating your Schedules

Sometimes you are making a schedule, but it is not for today. You also want to make sure it is clear to your co-workers what that schedule is for and easily make edits. This new version of the Sample6 CONTROL Basic app includes a few tools that will streamline your schedule creation:

Date Selection

Just tap on the date at the top and select the date for your schedule. Did you know that you can set up notifications from CONTROL so that your team can be alerted to schedules, remediations and more?

control food safety app

Schedule Description

What's this schedule for? What area of the plant? Investigative or Routine? Would a quick note help clarify? Go for it! Just tap the area beneath your date and add a description.

control food safety app 

Making Changes

Need to make changes? Add a test point by mistake? No problem. You can swipe your test point to the left to reveal a delete button or just click the edit icon at the top.

control basic food safetycontrol basic food safety


Not Quite as Planned: Changing Bag Numbers

You create a schedule and then take your bags out to the plant. You want to be efficient so that you don't have to double back and forth around the plant. You also don't want to get the bags mixed up! We've got you covered. Take your bags and head out to the plant. Stop at a test point and collect your sample. Now - was this the first one on your list? Last one or somewhere in between? No big deal! Just click on the number next to that sample. Make sure that matches the number on your bag and continue with collection. 

food safety collection 

Always Getting Better

And just like CONTROL, we are always working to improve CONTROL Basic so stay tunes for more improvements! 

Are you ready to make food safer? 

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